Mission Statement:

Our partnership with the community is an integral piece in our endeavor to fulfill our mission: "Inspiring and developing life-long learners to enrich the world."


At their January 12, 2015 board meeting, the Oswayo Valley School Board of Directors accepted Dr. Frank McClard’s resignation as District Superintendent effective January 23, 2015.  Dr. McClard has been serving as OV’s Superintendent since October 2012.   He was recently appointed as Superintendent at the North East School District.  The District thanks Dr. McClard for his service to our schools and community.  We wish him and his wife the best of luck as they return to the Erie area.

The District is currently seeking qualified individuals for the Superintendent position.  For the interim period, the Board has approved a resolution naming Mr. Thomas Brown as Acting Superintendent effective January 26, 2015.  Mr. Brown is bringing over thirty-five (35) years of educational experience with him to this new position.  We look forward to working with Mr. Brown during this time and continuing to make OV the best that it can be.

The current search is being conducted by the Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit 9.   Interested applicants should contact Ms. Sandy Vossler at 814-887-5512 or svossler@iu9.org for additional information and an application packet.


January student of the month

Oswayo Valley is proud to announce January’s Students of the Month – representing the High School is Marie Bauder and Rose Pearson receives the nomination for Middle School.

Marie is the daughter of Philip and Linda Bauder.  She is in the twelfth grade and enjoys drawing, track and singing.   When asked about her favorite subject, Marie replied “Art”, which is no surprise to anyone who has had the opportunity to see her incredible artwork hanging in the hallways.  Marie would like to move to Delaware and attend an Art college after graduation.  When asked about Marie, Ms. Smith said, “Marie is a motivated, hardworking young lady, and a talented artist.  She is consistently on task in class, and she is willing to put in the effort in order to be successful.  Marie is pleasant to be around, and she is quick to help others when she is able.  I admire her commitment to do her best in both academics, as well as in her artwork.”  Marie’s advice to her class mates is “Don’t procrastinate and do the best of your ability.”

Rose is the daughter of Eric and Mary Pearson.  She is in the seventh grade and enjoys drawing, singing, dance and playing piano.   Rose’s favorite subject is Math.  Becoming a professional singer is Rose’s ambition after high school.   Mr. Smelko had this to say about Rose; “Rosie always has a smile on her face.  She is a good hearted individual who shows compassion towards her fellow classmates.  Just this week she went out of her way to make a card and have it signed by her fellow classmates in order to welcome a new student to the school.  Academically, Rosie is a dedicated and hardworking individual, which has helped her become successful in the classroom.  Overall Rosie is on her way to becoming a well-rounded young lady that all teachers are proud of at Oswayo Valley.”  Rose’s tip for her classmates is “Pay attention, do your homework and don’t goof off.”

Congratulations ladies!  We are proud of all of your accomplishments!  Keep up the great work!


As the district moves forward in uncertain financial times, a zero based budget resolution was passed by the Oswayo Valley School Board on Monday November 10, 2014. With costs continuing to rise, enrollment decreasing and funding from the state stagnant, the board felt that taking a zero based budget approach  was the right thing to do for the 2015-16 budget. A copy of this resolution is attached below. The board is committed to offering a solid education program and maximizing every dollar in every area is of utmost importance in times like this.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this process.
The Oswayo Valley School District’s Comprehensive Planning Committee completed work on the school district’s new Comprehensive Plan for 2015-2018. Twenty-seven (27) people worked together over the course of the past eight (8) months to complete this plan. The plan must now be on review by the public for the next thirty  (30) days prior to submission to the state for their review and approval. Should you have any comments or suggestions with regard to the plan, please contact the Superintendent via email at fmcclard@oswayo.com.

Oswayo Valley SD Comprehensive Plan 2015- 2018

Oswayo Valley School District 2013