Order of Face Masks in Schools

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Order of Face Masks in Schools


As many of you know this Order was released yesterday by the Acting Secretary of Health. The Oswayo Valley School District will be following this mandate to the best of our ability as we have done with all mandates in the past. If you or your child would like to be excluded from this mandate please contact your Doctor for a medical exemption.


This Order will apply to students, employees, and visitors within the Oswayo Valley School District buildings. There are several identified exceptions, including a medical exception. The Order takes effect on September 7, 2021 and will remain in place until terminated.


Unfortunately schools have been asked to be in the middle of a political battle and this was not our choice and remains to not be our choice. We will follow all mandates for legal reasons moving forward. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, government entities have issued changing guidelines and mandates which have been a major source of frustration for many of us. Despite assurances throughout the summer that school districts in Pennsylvania would be able to exert local control this school year in regards to health and safety plans, yesterday’s announcement from Harrisburg has again changed the rules for us at the local school district level. As a public school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we are required to follow this order from DOH.


We will not require students to wear masks while outdoors, while engaged in high-intensity aerobic activities such as active participation in physical education class, sports practice, or when engaged in an activity that they cannot perform while wearing a mask such as eating, drinking, or playing an instrument.


Contact Tracing and Quarantine will be done according to the guidance given from the PA Department of Health when we submit for a confirmed case.

Jed Hamberger, Superintendent

Oswayo Valley School District (c) 2019