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Our partnership with the community is an integral piece in our endeavor to fulfill our mission: "Inspiring, developing, and empowering life-long learners to enrich the world."

A message from Dr. McClard

As you are aware, the decision about delaying the start of school or cancelling school is made with great care and consideration. It is also made very early in the morning and is based upon staff going out and traveling the roads to assess road and weather conditions.  Sometimes road and weather conditions change quickly after the time district staff must make a decision about school operations.  However, as you know, it has been the practice of the Oswayo Valley School District to try as hard as possible to maintain the regularly scheduled school day.


Although school may be in session for the entire day, as parents or guardians, it is up to you to decide whether or not to send your child to school or send them into school late if you believe it is unsafe or better to do so during times of inclement weather. Whatever decision you make with regard to keeping your child at home or coming to school tardy, we would just ask that you please write a note and send it to school with your child, that day or the next day, noting that the absence/tardy was due to what you considered to be unsafe or inclement weather conditions from where you reside.  The absence/tardy will be recorded as an excused absence.


Thank you for your cooperation as we deal with this stretch of difficult weather. Working together, we will get through this and spring will be upon us before we know it.



Dr. Frank McClard

Vision, Mission, and Shared Values

Vision, Mission, and Shared Values
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