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Oswayo Valley Elementary Heart Heroes Jump for Good Health


10 YEARS and 30K for American Heart Association

Oswayo Valley Elementary  Heart Heroes Jump for Good Health


Last week  students in Grades 3 , 4 and 5 participated in JUMP ROPE FOR HEART.  Participating in the American Red Cross program for 10 years,  our school raised $5000 by 56 jumpers.  This is the 10th anniversary of OVE students participating.  This brings the grand total to nearly 30 thousand dollars since 2005.

During the week of jump rope activities students enjoyed a wide variety of styles and circuits. Things like pogo stick jumping; hula hoop jumping, double dutch ,cross overs and numerous other styles kept the gym in a wonderful state of rhythm and enthusiasm.

April Mashensic, Phys Ed teacher, joined in the American Heart Association’s school program for several reasons.  Jumping rope is part of the curriculum which teaches students about the importance of the heart and how to take care of it.  Jumping rope is a fun and inexpensive way to maintain a healthy heart.

Wellness practices are important lessons for young people as they make decisions for themselves. Learning about the hazards of smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise should have a positive impact on their life long choices and personal habits.

The funds raised by the Heart Heroes support the AHA’s efforts for research and raising public awareness. One of the unique opportunities  as a result of  Jump Rope for Heart, is  that students become ambassadors of good health as they share their knowledge with the people they solicit for contributions.

All students participate in the week long activities on PE with more than ½ of the students volunteering to be Heart Heroes, a name given to those who raise funds.  A celebration party was held after school on Friday.

In its 10 years of existence, the program has grown and has become a tradition for intermediate grade level students.


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