OV Heart Heroes

The OV Heart Heroes do it again!  This year, the Oswayo Valley Elementary School Heart Heroes raised over $5,828 for the American Heart Association during the Kids’ Heart Challenge Event!  Over 43 students participated in this year’s event!  The top sponsors from each homeroom were as follows:

5G – Kaitlynn Costello   $168

5W – Reese Thompson $290

4G – Heidi Schimp $166

4W – Wyatt Willetts $259

3G – Phillip Long $284

3W – Tanner Fetzer $186

Congratulations to Reese Thompson who was the overall top sponsor student!  Way to go, Reese!

This year any student who raised $150 or more had the opportunity to toss a pie at Mr. Dickerson.  Due to the overwhelming support of our community, 20 Heart Heroes had a chance to pie their Principal!  To date, the Oswayo Valley Elementary School has raised over $60,000 for the American Heart Association!  Way to go, OV!

Thank you to all the Heart Heroes, friends, family, and the OV community for your continued support.  We would also like to thank Mr. Dickerson for being such a good sport and to Miss Mashensic for all she does to teach our children about health and wellness and bring awareness to this very important cause.  Thank you, Miss M!  

To view the video of the Kids’ Challenge, please click on the following link!

2021 Kids’ Heart Challenge

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