Change in Procedure

Vaping is a problem that is plaguing school districts across the nation, including Oswayo Valley. To help combat the problem, sensors were installed in our restrooms which is a common place where students use vapes. When an alert is issued and students are identified as potential users, a search is conducted. With the devices being small and easily concealed, we were not finding any on the students. As a result, the District has moved to a no tolerance policy. If a sensor goes off and there are multiple students in the restroom at the same time, we will follow the discipline matrix in the handbook for all students that were in the restroom at the time of the alert. If a student wants to talk and disclose who was using and who was not, we will take that into consideration and take action from there. The sensors that are installed have a .03 false reading potential and administration is instantaneously notified when they have been initiated, therefore the chances of a false reading are very slim. Possession and use of any vaping product on school property violates School District Policy and individuals who are determined to be in violation will be held accountable. Recently a vape cartridge was found on campus that contained a drug serum, so please be advised that if that is found, charges will be filed with the magistrate and will include drug and drug paraphernalia which are much worse charges.

Vaping, tobacco, and drug use continue to be problems with our youth. We are encouraging parents to discuss with their children the risks associated with the use of these substances and make them aware of the consequences of not only using these drugs, but also what can and will happen if they are discovered to be brought onto school grounds. The only way we can resolve this issue and help our students is by working together.  

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