Special Education

Notice to Parents


According to state and federal special education regulations, annual public notice to parents of children who reside within a school district is required regarding child find responsibilities. School districts (SDs), intermediate units (IUs) and charter schools (CSs) are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for services via Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, Education for Homeless Youth 42USCA 11431. For additional information related to Section 504/Chapter 15 services, the parent may refer to Section 504, Chapter 15, and the Basic Education Circular entitled Implementation of Chapter 15. Also, school districts are required to conduct child find activities for children who may be eligible for gifted services via 22 PA Code Chapter 16. For additional information regarding gifted services, the parent may refer to 22 PA Code Chapter 16. If a student is both gifted and eligible for Special Education, the procedures in IDEA and Chapter 14 shall take precedence.


The Family Educational rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal privacy law that gives parents certain protections with regard to their children’s education records, such as report cards, transcripts, disciplinary records, contact and family information, and class schedules. As a parent, you have the right to review your child’s education records and to request changes under limited circumstances. To protect your child’s privacy, the law generally requires schools to ask for written consent before disclosing your child’s personally identifiable information to individuals other than you.

Guide to Special Education:

They know their child better than anyone else and have valuable information to contribute about the kinds of programs and services that are needed for their child’s success in school. To ensure the rights of children with a disability, additional laws have been made. In this guide we also use the term “rules.” Sometimes these rules can be confusing to parents. They may be written in language that is difficult to understand. This booklet has been written to explain these rules so parents will feel comfortable and can better participate in the educational decision-making process for their child. The chapters that follow address questions that parents may have about special education as it relates to their child who is thought to have, or may have, a disability.

Special Education Parent Pamphlet



The purpose of Project MAX is to increase the capacity of Pennsylvania schools to provide all students, including those with complex instructional needs, with maximum access to and learning of the general education curriculum and the Pennsylvania Core Standards.

In order to inspire, develop, and empower students to succeed, our Oswayo Valley Project MAX team mission is…

To maximize the educational opportunities of all students through implementing strategies and instructional practices across all grade levels, and to meet individuals’ needs while maintaining high levels of rigorous academic standards in the least restrictive environment.

Project Max Framework


Change in Age of Eligibility for Free and Appropriate Public Education

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Change in Age of Eligibility for Free and Appropriate Public Education

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